…A Nice Nightmare – Alice Cooper – 1997



Album A Nice Nightmare by Alice Cooper
Album A Nice Nightmare by Alice Cooper

A Nice Nightmare is a compilation album by Alice Cooper, released in 1997 by Sony Music Entertainment. The album features some of Cooper’s most popular songs from the late 1980s and early 1990s, such as Hey Stoopid, Poison, Bed of Nails, and Trash. The album also includes a cover of Spirit’s I Got a Line on You, which Cooper recorded for the soundtrack of the movie Iron Eagle II. A Nice Nightmare showcases Cooper’s glam rock, hard rock, and heavy metal influences, as well as his dark and theatrical style of songwriting. The album title is a play on Cooper’s nickname, “The Godfather of Shock Rock”.

…A Nice Nightmare is a must-have for any fan of Alice Cooper or hard rock in general. It is a dark and atmospheric album that features some of Cooper’s best songwriting and vocals.

The album consists of the following tracks:

1. Hey Stoopid
2. I Got a Line on You
3. Bad Place Alone
4. Dangerous Tonight
5. Snakebite
6. Poison
7. This Maniac’s in Love with You
8. Trash
9. Bed of Nails
10. Lullaby

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