After Bathing at Baxter’s – Jefferson Airplane – 1967


Album After Bathing at Baxter's by Jefferson Airplane
Album After Bathing at Baxter's by Jefferson Airplane

“After Bathing at Baxter’s” is the third studio album by the American rock band Jefferson Airplane. It was released in 1967 and is considered one of the quintessential albums of the psychedelic rock era. The album’s title is a play on words, referencing the town of Baxter’s in Marin County, California, where the band often rehearsed and lived.

The album features an experimental and avant-garde approach to music, incorporating elements of folk, rock, and improvisation. It is notable for its intricate instrumentals, poetic lyrics, and the band’s willingness to explore new sonic territories. The album’s cover art, designed by artist Ron Cobb, is also quite distinctive and reflects the album’s psychedelic and countercultural themes.

Some of the tracks on the album include:

1. “The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil”
2. “A Small Package of Value Will Come to You, Shortly”
3. “Young Girl Sunday Blues”
4. “Martha”
5. “Wild Tyme”
6. “The Last Wall of the Castle”
7. “Rejoyce”
8. “Watch Her Ride”
9. “Spare Chaynge”
10. “Two Heads”
11. “Won’t You Try/Saturday Afternoon”
12. “The Ice Cream Phoenix”
13. “Greasy Heart”

“After Bathing at Baxter’s” is often praised for its experimental nature and its contribution to the psychedelic rock movement of the 1960s. It marked a departure from the more accessible sound of the band’s previous album, “Surrealistic Pillow,” and is considered a reflection of the band’s musical and creative evolution during that time.

After Bathing at Baxter’s is considered to be one of Jefferson Airplane’s most important albums. It is a must-have for any fan of psychedelic rock or 1960s music.


  • Marty Balin – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Grace Slick – vocals, piano, organ
  • Paul Kantner – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Jorma Kaukonen – lead guitar, electric chicken, vocals
  • Jack Casady – bass guitar, fuzz bass
  • Spencer Dryden – drums, percussion

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