Agents Of Fortune – Blue Öyster Cult – 1976


Album Agents Of Fortune by Blue Öyster Cult
Album Agents Of Fortune by Blue Öyster Cult

Agents Of Fortune is the fourth studio album by American rock band Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1976.

The album is best known for its hit single “(Don’t Fear) The Reaper”, which became a staple of classic rock radio and a popular song in pop culture. The album also features other songs that showcase the band’s diverse musical influences and styles, such as the hard rock anthem “This Ain’t the Summer of Love”, the psychedelic ballad “E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence)”, the sci-fi epic “The Revenge of Vera Gemini”, and the occult-themed “Tattoo Vampire”.

Agents Of Fortune is considered by many critics and fans to be one of the band’s finest and most influential albums, as it blends elements of heavy metal, progressive rock, pop, and folk into a cohesive and original sound. The album was certified platinum by the RIAA in 1978 and has sold over two million copies worldwide.

Agents of Fortune is a strong album that showcases Blue Öyster Cult’s evolution and songwriting prowess. With its blend of accessibility, darkness, and memorable tunes, it deserves its place as a rock classic, even if not universally adored by all fans.

The personnel of the album Agents Of Fortune by Blue Öyster Cult, released in 1976, are:

  • Eric Bloom: guitars, keyboards, percussion, vocals
  • Albert Bouchard: drums, percussion, acoustic guitar, harmonica, vocals
  • Joe Bouchard: bass, piano, vocals
  • Buck Dharma: guitar solo, synthesizers, percussion, vocals
  • Allen Lanier: keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals
  • Patti Smith: vocals on “The Revenge of Vera Gemini”
  • Randy Brecker: horns
  • Michael Brecker: horns

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