Allied Forces – Triumph – 1981


Album Allied Forces by the band Triumph
Album Allied Forces by the band Triumph

Allied Forces is the fifth studio album by Canadian hard rock band Triumph, released in 1981. The album was a commercial success, reaching No. 23 on the Billboard 200 chart and selling over one million copies in the US. The album features some of the band’s most popular songs, such as “Magic Power”, “Fight the Good Fight” and “Say Goodbye”. The album also showcases the band’s musical versatility, with elements of progressive rock, blues rock and heavy metal. Allied Forces is widely regarded as one of Triumph’s best albums and a classic of the early 1980s rock scene.

Allied Forces is considered to be one of Triumph’s most important albums. It is a landmark album in the development of Canadian hard rock and a favorite among fans of the genre.

The personnel of the album Allied Forces by the Canadian hard rock band Triumph in 1981 were:

– Rik Emmett – vocals, guitars
– Gil Moore – vocals, drums
– Mike Levine – bass, keyboards

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