Amazônia – Jean‐Michel Jarre – 2021



Album Amazônia by Jean‐Michel Jarre
Album Amazônia by Jean‐Michel Jarre

Amazônia is a studio album by Jean-Michel Jarre released in 2021. It is a concept album that accompanies the immersive exhibition Salgado Amazonia by the photographer Sebastião Salgado. The exhibition was supposed to take place from April 7 to August 22 at the Philharmonie de Paris before moving to South America, Rome and London. The release of the album was initially synchronized with the dates of the exhibition. However, it was postponed from May 20 to October 31 due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The album features a binaural recording, for a very immersive experience and to simulate the impression of being really in the Amazon rainforest. Jarre composed the music using elements from the sound archives of the Museum of Ethnography of Geneva (MEG), which contain recordings of voices, songs and instruments from various ethnic groups living in the Amazon. Jarre said he wanted to avoid an ethnomusicological approach or creating ambient music. He said he wanted to create a poetic and impressionist vision of the forest, using sounds that evoke rather than imitate reality.

Amazônia is a musical tribute to one of the most endangered ecosystems on Earth, as well as to its indigenous inhabitants who are facing multiple threats from deforestation, mining, logging and Covid-19. A part of the royalties from the album is donated to the communities from which the recordings used by Jarre come from.

The album Amazônia has been praised for its beauty, its evocativeness, and its message of environmentalism. It is a must-have for fans of Jean-Michel Jarre, and for anyone who appreciates the beauty of the Amazon rainforest.


  • Jean-Michel Jarre – production, mixing
  • Patrick Pelamourgues – technical assistance
  • David Perreau – mastering
  • Sebastião Salgado – Amazônia photographs
  • Gong Li – Jean-Michel Jarre portrait
  • Renato Amoroso – Sebastião Salgado portrait
  • Eric BDFCK Cornic – graphic design

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