Arlo Guthrie – Arlo Guthrie – 1974


Album Arlo Guthrie by Arlo Guthrie
Album Arlo Guthrie by Arlo Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie is the self-titled third album by American folk singer-songwriter Arlo Guthrie, released in 1974. The album features a mix of original songs and covers, showcasing Guthrie’s musical versatility and lyrical skills. The album also includes guest appearances by some of Guthrie’s friends and family, such as his father Woody Guthrie, his brother Joady Guthrie, and his longtime collaborator Pete Seeger. The album was well received by critics and fans alike, and reached number 67 on the Billboard 200 chart. Some of the highlights of the album are “Presidential Rag”, a satirical song about the Watergate scandal, “Ocean Crossing”, a tribute to Guthrie’s seafaring ancestors, and “Last Train”, a poignant ballad about the end of an era. Arlo Guthrie is a classic album that showcases the talent and charm of one of the most influential folk artists of all time.

The album Arlo Guthrie is considered to be one of Guthrie’s lesser-known albums. However, it is still worth checking out for fans of folk and singer-songwriter music.


  • Arlo Guthrie – vocals, guitar, piano, autoharp, harp
  • Ed Shaughnessy – drums, tabla
  • Stan Free – piano, harpsichord
  • Bob Arkin – bass
  • Hoyt Axton – bass vocals
  • Ry Cooder – bottleneck guitar, guitar
  • Doug Dillard – banjo
  • Buddy Emmons – pedal steel guitar
  • Byron Berline – fiddle
  • Chris Ethridge – bass
  • Clydie King – vocals
  • Darryl Hardy – vocals
  • Greg Prestopino – vocals
  • Jesse Ed Davis – guitar
  • Jessie Smith – vocals
  • Jim Gordon – drums
  • Jim Keltner – drums
  • Kenny Moore – piano
  • Marty McCall – vocals
  • Milt Holland – percussion
  • Roger Bush – bass
  • Spooner Oldham – organ, piano
  • Wilton Felder – bass saxophone

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