Behind the Grind (Live 1990) – Poison – 2021


Album Behind the Grind (Live 1990) by Poison
Album Behind the Grind (Live 1990) by Poison

This album is a rare gem for fans of Poison, the legendary glam metal band that rocked the 80s and 90s. It features live recordings from their 1990 Flesh and Blood tour, which was one of their most successful and controversial tours ever. The album captures the raw energy and charisma of the band, as they perform some of their biggest hits like “Unskinny Bop”, “Talk Dirty to Me”, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and more. The album also includes some unreleased tracks and covers that showcase the band’s versatility and musical influences. Behind the Grind (Live 1990) is a must-have for any Poison lover, as it offers a glimpse into the history and legacy of one of the most influential bands in rock history.

Behind the Grind (Live 1990) has been generally well-received by critics. AllMusic gave the album a three-star review, stating that it is “a solid live album that captures the band at their best.” Rolling Stone gave the album a three-and-a-half-star review, stating that it is “a must-have for any fan of Poison.”


  • Bret Michaels – lead vocals, rhythm guitar, harmonica
  • C.C. DeVille – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Bobby Dall – bass, backing vocals
  • Rikki Rockett – drums, backing vocals

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