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Album Best Of Asia by the band Asia
Album Best Of Asia by the band Asia

Best Of Asia is a compilation album by the British progressive rock band Asia, released in 2008 by ZYX Music. The album features 12 tracks from the band’s career, spanning from their self-titled debut album in 1982 to their tenth studio album Silent Nation in 2004. The album includes some of the band’s most popular songs, such as “Heat of the Moment”, “Don’t Cry”, and “The Smile Has Left Your Eyes”, as well as some lesser-known gems, such as “Obsession”, “Moon Under The Water”, and “Armenia”. Best Of Asia showcases the band’s evolution from a supergroup of rock legends to a more modern and diverse musical outfit, while still retaining their signature sound of catchy melodies, complex arrangements, and virtuosic performances.

Best of Asia 1982-1990 is considered to be one of the essential Asia releases. It is a great introduction to the band’s music for new fans and a must-have for old fans alike.

  • John Wetton – lead vocals, bass guitar
  • Geoff Downes – keyboards, vocals
  • Steve Howe – guitars, vocals
  • Carl Palmer – drums, percussion

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