Between Two Worlds – Uriah Heep – 2002



Album Between Two Worlds by Uriah Heep
Album Between Two Worlds by Uriah Heep

Between Two Worlds is the 20th studio album by the British rock band Uriah Heep, released in 2002. The album marks the return of keyboardist Phil Lanzon and drummer Lee Kerslake, who had left the band in 1989 and 1998 respectively. The album features a mix of classic hard rock and progressive elements, with songs that pay tribute to former members David Byron and Gary Thain, who died in 1985 and 1975 respectively. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the band’s performance, songwriting and production. The album also charted in several countries, reaching number 36 in Germany, number 47 in Sweden, and number 91 in Japan.

Between Two Worlds” is considered one of Uriah Heep’s most successful albums of the 21st century. It has sold over one million copies worldwide, and it has been certified Gold in the United Kingdom. The album’s success helped to revitalize Uriah Heep’s career and led to a resurgence of interest in the band.



  • Mick Box – guitars, backing vocals
  • Lee Kerslake – drums, backing vocals
  • Trevor Bolder – bass, backing vocals, producer, mixing
  • Phil Lanzon – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Bernie Shaw – lead vocals
  • Source: Wikipedia

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