Blows Against the Empire – Jefferson Starship – 1970


Album Blows Against the Empire by Jefferson Starship
Album Blows Against the Empire by Jefferson Starship

“Blows Against the Empire” is a concept album by the rock group Jefferson Starship. It was released in 1970 and is often considered to be the debut album of Jefferson Starship, although it was originally credited to “Paul Kantner and Jefferson Starship.”

The album was a collaborative effort led by Paul Kantner, one of the founding members of Jefferson Airplane, along with various other musicians. It explores themes of counterculture, science fiction, and a utopian society. The concept revolves around a group of like-minded individuals who hijack a starship and journey to establish a new civilization on another planet.

“Blows Against the Empire” features a mix of folk, rock, and science fiction-inspired elements. It includes notable tracks such as “Have You Seen the Stars Tonight,” “Mau Mau (Amerikon),” and “Starship.” The album was well-received critically and is considered an influential work in the realm of progressive and psychedelic rock.

It’s worth noting that while “Blows Against the Empire” is often associated with Jefferson Starship, it was released before the official formation of the band. After the album’s release, the core members of Jefferson Airplane would go on to form Jefferson Starship, which released subsequent albums under that name.

Blows Against the Empire is considered to be one of the most important albums of the proto-punk genre. It is a landmark album that helped to popularize the genre and it has influenced countless musicians. The album has been praised for its songwriting, musicianship, and production. Blows Against the Empire is an essential album for any fan of proto-punk or rock music.



  • Paul Kantner: vocals, guitars, banjo, sound effects
  • Grace Slick: vocals, piano
  • Jack Casady: bass on “A Child Is Coming” and “Sunrise”
  • Joey Covington: drums and vocals on “Mau Mau”, congas on “Hijack”
  • David Crosby: vocals and guitar on “A Child Is Coming” and “Have You Seen the Stars Tonite?”, background vocals on “Starship”
  • David Freiberg: background vocals on “Starship”
  • Jerry Garcia: banjo, guitars, sound effects
  • Mickey Hart: percussion, sound effects
  • Peter Kaukonen: guitar
  • Bill Kreutzmann: drums
  • Graham Nash: vocals, congas, sound effects
  • Phil Sawyer: sound effects

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