Body Love – Klaus Schulze – 1977



Album Body Love by Klaus Schulze
Album Body Love by Klaus Schulze

“Body Love” is an album by Klaus Schulze, released in 1977. It serves as the soundtrack to the erotic film of the same name directed by Lasse Braun. The album features Schulze’s signature style of electronic music, characterized by long, sprawling compositions and atmospheric soundscapes.

“Body Love” consists of two extended tracks, each occupying one side of the vinyl record. The music blends pulsating electronic rhythms, ethereal synthesizer melodies, and ambient textures, creating a mesmerizing and immersive sonic experience. The album showcases Schulze’s mastery of synthesizers and his ability to create expansive and evocative musical landscapes.

The soundtrack gained popularity not only for its association with the film but also for its standalone musical qualities. It is often regarded as one of Klaus Schulze’s seminal works and a significant contribution to the genre of electronic music.

If you enjoy atmospheric electronic music and are interested in Klaus Schulze’s discography, “Body Love” is worth exploring, particularly if you appreciate his unique approach to blending synthesized sounds and creating immersive sonic environments.

Body Love is a unique and groundbreaking album that helped to shape the sound of electronic music. It is a must-have for any fan of the genre.


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