Born in Chicago – The Paul Butterfield Blues Band



Born in Chicago is a blues song that became a classic of the genre. It was written by Nick Gravenites, who was born and raised in the city, and performed by the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, one of the first American bands to combine blues and rock music. The song was released in 1965 as the opening track of their self-titled debut album, which was produced by Paul Rothchild for Elektra Records. The song tells the story of growing up in Chicago and losing friends to violence. It features the harmonica playing of Paul Butterfield and the guitar work of Mike Bloomfield, who joined the band after playing with Gravenites in local clubs. The song has been covered by many artists over the years, such as Jesse Colin Young, Pixies, George Thorogood, Joe Louis Walker, and Tom Petty.

The different versions published for this album :