Calling Card – Rory Gallagher – 1976


Album Calling Card by Rory Gallagher
Album Calling Card by Rory Gallagher

“Calling Card” is the sixth studio album by Irish blues-rock guitarist and singer Rory Gallagher. It was released in 1976. Rory Gallagher was known for his soulful guitar playing and energetic live performances.

“Calling Card” features a mix of blues, rock, and folk influences, showcasing Gallagher’s distinctive guitar style and gritty vocals. The album includes tracks such as the title track “Calling Card,” “Country Mile,” “Moonchild,” and “Do You Read Me.”

The album was well-received by critics and fans alike, and it helped solidify Rory Gallagher’s reputation as a talented guitarist and songwriter. Gallagher’s bluesy guitar solos and heartfelt lyrics are highlights of the album.

“Calling Card” remains a popular release in Rory Gallagher’s discography and is considered one of his standout albums. It showcases his musical versatility and continues to be enjoyed by fans of blues and rock music.

Calling Card is considered one of Rory Gallagher’s best albums. It is a great example of his blues-rock prowess and features some of his most famous songs, such as “Do You Read Me” and “Calling Card.”

The personnel of the album Calling Card by Rory Gallagher, released in 1976, are as follows:

  • Rory Gallagher – vocals, guitar and harmonica
  • Gerry McAvoy – bass guitar
  • Lou Martin – keyboards
  • Rod de’Ath – drums

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