Chante les chansons poétiques / Sa guitare et les rythmes / Interprète ses dernières compositions – Georges Brassens



This is a possible translation of the title of an album by the famous French singer-songwriter Georges Brassens. He was known for his witty and often controversial lyrics that expressed his views on society, politics, religion and love. He used simple but elegant language and musical accompaniment to create songs that are still popular and influential today. In this album, he sings some of his most poetic songs, such as “Les amoureux des bancs publics” (The lovers of the public benches), “La mauvaise réputation” (The bad reputation) and “Le gorille” (The gorilla). He also showcases his skills as a guitarist and his mastery of various rhythms, such as waltz, tango and jazz. He interprets his latest compositions, such as “Les copains d’abord” (Friends first), “Supplique pour être enterré à la plage de Sète” (Plea to be buried at the beach of Sète) and “La ballade des gens qui sont nés quelque part” (The ballad of the people who were born somewhere). This album is a testament to his talent and originality as a singer-songwriter and a poet.

The different versions published for this album :