City Lights – Katie Melua – 2020


Album City Lights by Katie Melua
Album City Lights by Katie Melua

City Lights is a musical album by the Georgian violinist Lisa Batiashvili, released in 2020. It features 12 tracks that explore the sounds and emotions of different cities around the world, from Berlin to Buenos Aires, from Paris to Tbilisi. The album combines classical, film, folk and pop music, with collaborations from artists such as Katie Melua, Till Brönner and Milos Karadaglic. The album is a tribute to Batiashvili’s love for travel and diversity, as well as a homage to her homeland Georgia.

One of the highlights of the album is the track Tbilisi, composed by the late Giya Kancheli, a renowned Georgian composer who passed away in 2019. The track is a poignant reflection of Georgia’s history of conflict and resilience, as well as its rich artistic heritage. Batiashvili and Melua, who both admired Kancheli’s work, laid flowers at his grave in Tbilisi together during the recording of the album.

Another standout track is No Better Magic, written and performed by Katie Melua, the British-Georgian singer-songwriter. The song is a heartfelt tribute to London, Melua’s adoptive city, where she moved with her family when she was eight years old. The song depicts an idyllic picture of London life, with references to its landmarks, culture and diversity. The song also expresses Melua’s gratitude for the opportunities and inspiration that London has given her throughout her career.

City Lights is a unique and captivating album that showcases Batiashvili’s virtuosity and versatility as a violinist, as well as her passion for exploring new musical horizons. The album is a celebration of the beauty and diversity of cities and cultures around the world, as well as a personal journey of discovery and connection for Batiashvili and her collaborators.

The personnel of the album City Lights by Katie Melua, released in 2020, are as follows:

  • Katie Melua – vocals, guitar
  • Lisa Batiashvili – violin
  • Nikoloz Rachveli – piano, conductor, composer, arranger
  • Till Brönner – trumpet
  • Miloš – guitar
  • Maximilian Hornung – cello
  • Georgian Philharmonic Orchestra

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