Civilized Man + Cocker – Joe Cocker



Civilized Man + Cocker is a compilation album by British rock singer Joe Cocker, released in 2011. The album features songs from two of Cocker’s albums, Civilized Man (1984) and Cocker (1986), which were produced by Stewart Levine and Terry Manning respectively. The album includes some of Cocker’s most popular hits, such as “You Can Leave Your Hat On”, “Don’t You Love Me Anymore”, “Unchain My Heart” and “Shelter Me”. The album also contains some lesser-known tracks, such as “There Goes My Baby”, “One Night of Sin” and “Love Lives On”. Civilized Man + Cocker showcases Cocker’s distinctive voice and soulful style, as well as his ability to interpret songs from various genres and artists.

The different versions published for this album :