Cunning Stunts – Metallica – 1998



Cunning Stunts - Metallica - 1998
Cunning Stunts - Metallica - 1998

“Cunning Stunts” is a live concert video and album by the American heavy metal band Metallica. It was released in 1998. The title is a play on the phrase “stunning cunts,” which was used as a humorous reference to the female mannequins that were part of the stage setup during the tour. The album and video capture Metallica’s performance during their “Poor Re-Touring Me Tour” in 1997, in support of their “Reload” album.

The concert features a mix of songs from both the “Load” and “Reload” albums, along with some classic tracks from their earlier releases. “Cunning Stunts” showcases Metallica’s energetic live performance and the raw intensity that they bring to their shows. The setlist includes hits like “Enter Sandman,” “Master of Puppets,” “One,” and many others.

This release is a notable addition to Metallica’s catalog and is cherished by fans who appreciate the band’s live performances and stage presence. It provides a glimpse into Metallica’s prowess as a live act and captures the energy and power that they’re known for.

Cunning Stunts is a must-have for any Metallica fan. It is a great way to experience the band’s live performance and to see them performing some of their most popular songs.


  • James Hetfield – vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Lars Ulrich – drums
  • Kirk Hammett – lead guitar, backing vocals
  • Jason Newsted – bass, backing vocals

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