Days Of Future Passed – The Moody Blues – 1967


Album Days Of Future Passed by The Moody Blues
Album Days Of Future Passed by The Moody Blues

“Days of Future Passed” is indeed an album by The Moody Blues, released in 1967. It is considered one of their most iconic and influential albums. The album was notable for its fusion of rock music with classical orchestration, and it is often credited as one of the pioneering works in the progressive rock genre.

“Days of Future Passed” features the Moody Blues’ signature hits like “Nights in White Satin” and “Tuesday Afternoon.” The album tells a loose concept story about the passage of a day, from morning to night, reflecting on themes of love, introspection, and the passing of time.

The innovative use of a symphony orchestra, conducted by Peter Knight, combined with the Moody Blues’ distinctive songwriting and vocal harmonies, created a unique and atmospheric sound for the time. “Days of Future Passed” remains a beloved and influential album in the history of rock music.

Days of Future Passed” is a groundbreaking album that continues to resonate with listeners. While some aspects may feel dated to modern ears, its overall impact on music and its enduring quality remain undeniable.

The personnel of the album Days Of Future Passed by The Moody Blues, released in 1967, are:

  • Graeme Edge: drums, vocals
  • Justin Hayward: guitars, vocals
  • John Lodge: bass, vocals
  • Mike Pinder: keyboards, vocals
  • Ray Thomas: flutes, vocals
  • Peter Knight: conductor
  • The London Festival Orchestra

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