Days of the Underground – Hawkwind – 2023



Album Days of the Underground by Hawkwind
Album Days of the Underground by Hawkwind

Days of the Underground is the latest album by Hawkwind, the legendary space rock band from England. The album celebrates the 50th anniversary of the band’s formation in 1969 and features new versions of classic songs as well as original compositions. The album showcases the band’s unique blend of hard rock, progressive rock and psychedelic rock, with influences from science fiction, fantasy and mythology. The album also features guest appearances from former members and collaborators, such as Lemmy Kilmister, Nik Turner, Robert Calvert and Tim Blake. Days of the Underground is a tribute to the band’s long and influential career, as well as a testament to their enduring creativity and vitality.

Days of the Underground is expected to be another great album from Hawkwind, a band that has been consistently releasing high-quality music for over 50 years. The album is sure to be a must-have for fans of space rock and psychedelic rock.


  • Dave Brock – vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
  • Richard Chadwick – drums, percussion, vocals
  • Niall Hone – bass, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer
  • Tim Blake – keyboards, synthesizer, theremin, vocals
  • Huw Lloyd-Langton – guitar, vocals (guest appearance)

The different versions published for this album :