Deep Africa – Deep Forest – 2013


Album Deep Africa by Deep Forest
Album Deep Africa by Deep Forest

“Deep Africa” is an album by the electronic music project Deep Forest, released in 2013. Deep Forest is known for their unique fusion of electronic music with traditional and indigenous sounds from various cultures around the world.

“Deep Africa” continues the project’s exploration of blending modern electronic beats with African musical influences. The album features a mix of tracks that combine electronic production with African rhythms, vocal samples, and melodies, creating a rich and textured sonic experience.

Some of the tracks on the “Deep Africa” album might include:

1. “Nibi Nibizi”
2. “Radio Belize”
3. “La Lune Se Bat Avec Les Étoiles”
4. “Oumbaya”
5. “La Révolte Des Dieux Rouges”

“Deep Africa” is an example of Deep Forest’s dedication to creating global music that bridges cultural boundaries and celebrates the diversity of sounds from around the world. If you enjoy electronic music with an ethereal and multicultural touch, “Deep Africa” could be an interesting addition to your music collection.

Deep Africa is a great album from Deep Forest. It is a return to the duo’s world music roots, and it features some of their most creative and innovative work. The album is a must-have for any fan of the genre.

The personnel of the album Deep Africa by Deep Forest, released in 2013, are:

  • Eric Mouquet – arrangement, keyboards, and programming
  • Blick Bassy – vocals on “Mosika”, “Bedi”, “Atali Wowo” and “Alaake”
  • Wasis Diop – vocals on “Wasis”
  • Olyza – vocals on “Yelele”
  • Olivia Ruiz – vocals on “Zoulawa”
  • Lokua Kanza – vocals on “Ho Mambo”
  • Gaudi – remix on “Dub Africa (Gaudi Remix)”

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