Diesel And Dust – Midnight Oil – 1987


Album Diesel And Dust by the band Midnight Oil
Album Diesel And Dust by the band Midnight Oil

Diesel And Dust is the sixth studio album by Australian rock band Midnight Oil, released in 1987. The album was inspired by the band’s 1986 tour of remote Indigenous communities in Australia, and their exposure to the environmental and social issues affecting the country. The album features a blend of hard rock, folk rock and political activism, with songs that address topics such as land rights, nuclear disarmament, urbanization and environmental degradation. The album was a critical and commercial success, reaching number one on the Australian charts and number 21 on the US Billboard 200. It also spawned two hit singles, “The Dead Heart” and “Beds Are Burning”, which became anthems for Indigenous rights and environmental awareness. Diesel And Dust is widely regarded as one of the best Australian albums of all time, and was ranked number one on Rolling Stone Australia’s list of the 100 greatest Australian albums in 2010.

Diesel and Dust is considered to be one of the most important albums of the 1980s. It is a powerful and socially conscious album that addresses issues of Indigenous rights, environmentalism, and war. The album has been praised for its songwriting, performances, and production. Diesel and Dust is an essential album for any fan of rock music.


– Peter Garrett: lead vocals
– Rob Hirst: drums, backing vocals
– Jim Moginie: guitar, keyboards, backing vocals, string arrangements
– Martin Rotsey: guitar
– Peter Gifford: bass

The album was produced by Warne Livesey and Midnight Oil. The engineer was Guy Gray and the assistant engineer was Kathy Naunton.

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