Disconnection – Gary Numan



Album Disconnection by Gary Numan
Album Disconnection by Gary Numan

Disconnection is the twenty-first studio album by British musician Gary Numan, released in 2009. The album marks a return to Numan’s dark, industrial style of music, influenced by his collaborations with Nine Inch Nails and other contemporary artists. The album explores themes of alienation, isolation, and technology, as well as Numan’s personal struggles with depression and anxiety. The album received critical acclaim and was praised for its production, songwriting, and Numan’s vocals. Disconnection is considered one of Numan’s best albums of his later career and a highlight of his discography.

Disconnection is a must-have for any fan of Gary Numan. It is a valuable collection of rare and unreleased material, and it is a testament to the artist’s enduring popularity.


  • Gary Numan – vocals, synthesizers, programming
  • Chris Slade – drums on “Berserker” and “My Dying Machine”
  • Dave Farmer – bass on “Berserker” and “My Dying Machine”
  • Max Norman – producer on “Berserker”, “My Dying Machine”, “Cold Warning”, “Pump It Up”, “Child with the Ghost”, “The Pleasure Principle (Numa Version)”, “Down in the Park”, “Film of Lies”, “Music for a Girl”, “The Sleep of Reason”, “A Physical Love”, “Telekon”, “She’s Not Human”, “Moral”, “I Nearly Died”, “Metal Fatigue”, “I Am Rust”, “The Mechanic”, “War Stories”, and “I Dream of Rats”
  • Gary Nicholls – producer on “The Dance”, “The Joy Circuit”, and “Money”
  • Dramatis – producer on “Bombers”

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