Discovering the Blues – Robben Ford – 1997



Album Discovering the Blues by Robben Ford
Album Discovering the Blues by Robben Ford

“Discovering the Blues” is a studio album by American blues guitarist Robben Ford, released in 1997. It showcases Ford’s skillful guitar playing and his love for blues music.

On “Discovering the Blues,” Robben Ford interprets various blues classics and infuses them with his own unique style. The album features a mix of original compositions and covers, with Ford’s soulful vocals and intricate guitar work taking center stage.

Some of the tracks on the album include “Up the Line,” “I Got Over It,” “Blues for MB,” and “The Brother (For Jimmie and Stevie).” “Discovering the Blues” is regarded as a solid representation of Ford’s blues-oriented style and musicianship.

Discovering the Blues is considered to be one of Ford’s most essential albums. It showcases his ability to play authentic blues while adding his own unique style and flair. The album is still highly regarded by fans and critics today.

The personnel of the album Discovering the Blues – Robben Ford – 1997 are:

  • Robben Ford – vocals, guitar, saxophone
  • Paul Nagle – keyboards
  • Stan Poplin – bass guitar
  • Jim Baum – drums

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