Dragontown – Alice Cooper – 2001


Album Dragontown by Alice Cooper
Album Dragontown by Alice Cooper

Dragontown is a 2001 album by Alice Cooper, the fifteenth in his solo career.

The album has a heavier metal style than some of his previous releases, and explores dark themes such as death, corruption, and evil. The album is a sequel to Brutal Planet, and depicts a dystopian world where sinners are punished for their crimes. The album received mixed reviews from critics, but was praised for its lyrics and production. Some of the songs on the album are “Triggerman”, “Sex, Death and Money”, and “Every Woman Has a Name”.

Dragontown is not for everyone, especially those expecting classic Alice Cooper. However, if you’re open to a heavier, darker side of the shock rock legend, it offers a rewarding listen with its industrial metal soundscapes and theatrically tinged atmosphere.

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The album Dragontown by Alice Cooper, released in 2001, features a variety of musicians and singers who contributed to its industrial metal and hard rock sound. Here is a list of the personnel involved in the album, according to Wikipedia [1]:

  • Alice Cooper – Vocals
  • Ryan Roxie – Guitar
  • Greg Smith – Bass
  • Tim Pierce – Guitar
  • Wayne Swinny – Guitar
  • Bob Marlette – Rhythm Guitar, Bass, Keyboards and programming, String arrangement
  • Kenny Aronoff – Drums
  • Sid Riggs – Keyboards, programming
  • Teddy Andreadis, Eric Dover, Calico Cooper & Giovanna Muraga – Backing Vocals

Source : Wikipedia

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