Dreamer in Concert – Stacey Kent – 2011



Album Dreamer in Concert by Stacey Kent
Album Dreamer in Concert by Stacey Kent

“Dreamer in Concert” is a live album by American jazz singer Stacey Kent, released in 2011. Stacey Kent is known for her smooth and emotive vocal style, and she has gained recognition for her interpretations of jazz standards and bossa nova classics.

“Dreamer in Concert” captures a live performance by Stacey Kent and her band, featuring a selection of songs from her repertoire. Some of the tracks on the album include:

1. “The Ice Hotel”
2. “Dreamer”
3. “Ooh-Shoo-Be-Doo-Bee”
4. “They All Laughed”
5. “It Might As Well Be Spring”

The album showcases Stacey Kent’s ability to connect with her audience through her engaging performances and her skillful interpretation of songs. It captures the intimacy and dynamic energy of a live jazz concert.

Stacey Kent’s music often bridges the gap between traditional jazz and modern sensibilities, making her a popular choice among both jazz aficionados and newer listeners. “Dreamer in Concert” is a testament to her talents and her ability to captivate audiences in a live setting.

Dreamer in Concert is considered to be a classic live album, and it has helped to solidify Stacey Kent’s reputation as one of the premier jazz singers of her generation.


  • Stacey Kent – vocals, guitar
  • Jim Tomlinson – arranger, percussion, producer, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
  • Jeremy Brown – double bass
  • Matt Skelton – drums, percussion
  • Graham Harvey – fender rhodes, piano

This is the personnel of the album Dreamer in Concert by Stacey Kent, released in 2011. It was Kent’s first live album, and was recorded at the La Cigale theatre in Paris. The album features songs in English, French and Portuguese, and covers a range of styles from jazz standards to bossa nova. The album received positive reviews from critics, who praised Kent’s vocal abilities and her chemistry with her band, especially her husband Jim Tomlinson.

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