Dreams and Nightmares – Nash the Slash – 1979


Album Dreams and Nightmares by Nash the Slash
Album Dreams and Nightmares by Nash the Slash

“Dreams and Nightmares” is indeed an album by Nash the Slash, a Canadian musician known for his unique blend of electronic and rock music, as well as his distinctive stage persona wearing bandages and top hat. The album was released in 1979.

“Dreams and Nightmares” showcases Nash the Slash’s experimental and atmospheric sound, incorporating elements of new wave, post-punk, and electronic music. The album features instrumental tracks as well as songs with vocals. Some notable tracks on the album include “Wolf,” “Dead Man’s Curve,” and “Dance After Curfew.”

Nash the Slash’s music often incorporated the use of unconventional instruments such as the electric violin and drum machines, creating a distinct and haunting atmosphere. He gained a dedicated cult following with his unique style and performances.

While “Dreams and Nightmares” may not have achieved mainstream commercial success, it remains an important and influential release in Nash the Slash’s discography. It showcases his innovative approach to music and his ability to create captivating and evocative sonic landscapes.

Dreams and Nightmares is considered to be a landmark album in the history of punk rock. The album is notable for its dark and atmospheric sound, and it has been influential on many other punk rock bands.


  • Produced by Nash the Slash and Steve Hillage
  • Engineered by Steve Hillage and Mick Glossop
  • Recorded at Farmyard Studios, England
  • Mixed at Matrix Studios, London
  • Mastered by George Peckham at Portland Studios, London
  • Cover art by Hugh Syme
  • Photography by Deborah Samuel
  • All songs written and performed by Nash the Slash, except “Dead Man’s Curve”, written by Jan Berry, Roger Christian, Brian Wilson, and Artie Kornfeld

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