Ed Hunter – Iron Maiden – 1999



Album Ed Hunter by the band Iron Maiden
Album Ed Hunter by the band Iron Maiden

Ed Hunter is a unique product that combines a greatest hits album and a video game by the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. Released in 1999, Ed Hunter features the band’s most popular songs, as voted by the fans on their official website, as well as a 3D shooter game that follows the band’s mascot, Eddie, through various scenarios inspired by their album covers. The game was developed by Synthetic Dimensions and was originally planned to be released under the name Melt, but was cancelled due to poor quality. Ed Hunter was also the name of the tour that marked the return of vocalist Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith, who had left the band in the early 1990s. Ed Hunter is a must-have for any Iron Maiden fan who wants to enjoy their music and immerse themselves in their world.

Ed Hunter is considered to be one of the best video games based on a rock band. It is a fun and entertaining game with some great graphics and a solid soundtrack. The game is worth checking out for fans of Iron Maiden and video games.


– Bruce Dickinson – lead vocals (tracks 1-1 to 1-8, 1-10 to 2-1, 2-4 to 2-6)
– Blaze Bayley – lead vocals (tracks 1-5, 1-9, 2-2)
– Paul Di’Anno – lead vocals (track 2-3)
– Dave Murray – guitar
– Adrian Smith – guitar (tracks 1-1 to 1-4, 1-6 to 1-8, 1-10 to 2-1, 2-4 to 2-6)
– Janick Gers – guitar (tracks 1-5 to 1-7, 1-9, 2-2)
– Steve Harris – bass guitar
– Nicko McBrain – drums
– Clive Burr – drums (track 2-3)

The album was produced by Martin Birch, Nigel Green, Steve Harris and Will Malone. The artwork and design were done by Synthetic Dimensions. The band photos were taken by Ross Halfin. The album was mastered by Simon Heyworth.

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