Elegy – The Nice – 1971


Album Elegy by The Nice
Album Elegy by The Nice

“Elegy” is the third and final studio album by the British progressive rock band The Nice, released in 1971. The album represents a departure from the band’s earlier works, as it features a more refined and symphonic sound, incorporating elements of classical music alongside their progressive rock style.

“Elegy” consists of three extended tracks: “Hang on to a Dream,” “My Back Pages,” and “America.” The album showcases the virtuosity of the band members, particularly Keith Emerson’s keyboard skills, as he incorporates classical music references and intricate arrangements into the compositions.

The album’s opening track, “Hang on to a Dream,” is a cover of a song originally written by Tim Hardin. The Nice’s rendition features dramatic instrumental sections and showcases their ability to blend rock and classical elements seamlessly.

“My Back Pages” is a Bob Dylan cover and presents a more melodic and introspective side of the band, with Emerson’s keyboards playing a prominent role in shaping the song’s atmosphere.

The album concludes with the band’s interpretation of “America” by Leonard Bernstein, a bold and expansive piece that combines progressive rock arrangements with the grandeur of classical music.

Elegy” is considered one of The Nice’s most accomplished albums and a significant contribution to the progressive rock genre. It highlights the band’s musical prowess, innovative arrangements, and their ability to fuse various musical styles into a cohesive whole.


  • Keith Emerson – Hammond organ, Steinway piano
  • Lee Jackson – bass guitar, vocals
  • Brian Davison – drums, percussion

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