Entreat – The Cure – 1989



Album Entreat by The Cure
Album Entreat by The Cure

Entreat is a live album by the English rock band The Cure, recorded at London’s Wembley Arena in July 1989. It consists of 12 songs, all drawn from their 1989 album Disintegration. The album was released in 1990 as a limited edition for fan club members only. The album showcases the band’s performance of Disintegration, which was considered by many critics and fans as their masterpiece. The songs are played with intensity and emotion, capturing the dark and melancholic mood of the studio album. The album also features some variations from the original versions, such as extended intros and outros, alternate lyrics and guitar solos. Entreat is regarded as one of the best live albums by The Cure, and a rare document of their Disintegration era.

Entreat is considered to be a solid live album that showcases The Cure’s performance of their 1989 album Disintegration. The album is a must-have for any fan of the band and is a testament to their enduring popularity.


  • Robert Smith – vocals, guitar
  • Simon Gallup – bass guitar
  • Porl Thompson – guitar
  • Boris Williams – drums
  • Roger O’Donnell – keyboards

The different versions published for this album :