Equator – Uriah Heep – 1985


Equator - Uriah Heep - 1985
Equator - Uriah Heep - 1985

Equator is the title of the sixteenth studio album by the English rock band Uriah Heep, released in 1985. The album marked the return of bassist Trevor Bolder, who had left the band in 1981, and the debut of a new record label, Portrait Records, a subsidiary of CBS. The album also featured vocalist Peter Goalby and keyboardist John Sinclair, who would leave the band after this album. Equator was produced and engineered by Tony Platt, who had worked with bands like AC/DC and Iron Maiden. The album was recorded and mixed at various studios in London and Berkshire between August 1984 and February 1985. The album spawned two singles, “Rockarama” and “Poor Little Rich Girl”, both of which had accompanying music videos. Equator was not well received by critics, who criticized its pop metal style and lack of originality. The album also sold poorly and was not reissued on CD until 1999, due to legal issues with Sony/CBS. Equator was the last Uriah Heep album until 1989’s Raging Silence, as the band took a long hiatus from recording.

Equator is a solid hard rock album with a strong songwriting and musicianship. It is not as consistent as some of Uriah Heep’s earlier albums, but it is still a worthwhile listen for fans of the band.


  • Mick Box – guitars, backing vocals
  • Lee Kerslake – drums, backing vocals
  • John Sinclair – keyboards, backing vocals
  • Peter Goalby – lead vocals
  • Trevor Bolder – bass guitar, backing vocals

The album was produced and engineered by Tony Platt, who also did the Synclavier programming. Gary Moberly did the Fairlight programming for the track “Poor Little Rich Girl”. The album cover was designed by Bill Smith.

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