Etched in Blue – Rory Gallagher – 1998



Album Etched in Blue by Rory Gallagher
Album Etched in Blue by Rory Gallagher

Etched in Blue is a compilation album by Irish blues rock guitarist and singer Rory Gallagher, released on November 30, 1998. It features tracks from across Gallagher’s career, including both well-known songs and deeper cuts.

Some of the highlights of the album include:

  • Shin Kicker: A powerful and driving blues rock instrumental.
  • Too Much Alcohol: A slow and soulful blues ballad.
  • Edged in Blue: A mid-tempo blues rocker with a catchy melody.
  • I Could Have Had Religion: A long and sprawling blues jam with some incredible guitar work from Gallagher.

The album was a commercial success, reaching number 3 in Ireland and number 24 in the UK. It was also well-received by critics, with many praising the song selection and the quality of the recordings.

Etched in Blue is an essential album for any fan of Rory Gallagher. It is a great introduction to his music, and it is also a must-have for anyone who already loves his work.


  • Rory Gallagher – vocals, guitars, harmonica
  • Gerry McAvoy – bass guitar
  • Brendan O’Neill – drums
  • Mark Feltham – harmonica on “Out of My Mind”
  • Lou Martin – piano on “I Could’ve Had Religion” and “Public Enemy No. 1”
  • Geraint Watkins – accordion on “Amazing Grace”

The different versions published for this album :