Flashpoint – Tangerine Dream – 1984



Album Flashpoint by Tangerine Dream
Album Flashpoint by Tangerine Dream

Flashpoint is a 1984 film and soundtrack album by Tangerine Dream. The film is a neo-western action thriller about two Border Patrol agents who discover a buried jeep with a skeleton, a rifle, and a large amount of money. The money is traced back to the Federal Reserve in Dallas and dated between 1962 and 1963, leading to a conspiracy involving the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The soundtrack album consists of nine tracks composed and performed by Tangerine Dream, a German electronic music group known for their innovative use of synthesizers and sequencers. The soundtrack was released on CD in 1984, but was soon recalled due to pressing errors. It was reissued on CD in 1995.

Flashpoint received mixed reviews from critics. Some critics praised the album’s commercial sound and its appeal to a wider audience, while others criticized it for being too commercial and for abandoning the group’s experimental roots.


  • Edgar Froese – keyboards, guitar, bass guitar, drum programming
  • Christopher Franke – keyboards, drum programming, electronic percussion
  • Johannes Schmoelling – keyboards, drum programming

The different versions published for this album :