Fly on the Wall – AC/DC – 1985


Album Fly on the Wall by AC/DC
Album Fly on the Wall by AC/DC

“Fly on the Wall” is the tenth studio album by Australian rock band AC/DC, released in 1985. The album represents AC/DC’s signature sound, featuring hard-hitting rock and roll riffs, catchy choruses, and energetic performances.

“Fly on the Wall” was recorded during a period of transition for the band and marked a return to a more raw and stripped-down sound after the more polished production of their previous album, “Flick of the Switch.” The album was produced by Angus Young and Malcolm Young, the guitarists and primary songwriters of AC/DC.

Some notable tracks on the album include the title track “Fly on the Wall,” “Shake Your Foundations,” “Sink the Pink,” and “Danger.” The songs maintain AC/DC’s characteristic sound, with driving guitar riffs, powerful drumming, and the distinctive vocals of Brian Johnson.

While “Fly on the Wall” received mixed reviews upon its release, it has since gained a cult following among AC/DC fans. The album captures the band’s energetic live sound and delivers a collection of hard-hitting rock anthems.

If you enjoy the classic rock sound of AC/DC, appreciate their high-energy performances, or are a fan of their 1980s discography, “Fly on the Wall” is worth checking out. It embodies the spirit of AC/DC’s rock and roll style and offers a dose of their signature sound.

Fly on the Wall” is a disappointing album from AC/DC. It lacks the raw energy and originality of their earlier work, and the polished production is not a good fit for their sound. However, the album does contain some strong tracks, and it is worth checking out for fans of the band who are curious to hear their late-1980s output.

The personnel of the album Fly on the Wall by AC/DC, released in 1985, are:

  • Brian Johnson – lead vocals
  • Angus Young – lead guitar
  • Malcolm Young – rhythm guitar, backing vocals
  • Cliff Williams – bass guitar, backing vocals
  • Simon Wright – drums

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