Fool For The City – Foghat – 1975


Album Fool For The City by the band Foghat
Album Fool For The City by the band Foghat

“Fool for the City” is an album by the British rock band Foghat, released in 1975. Foghat is known for their blues-rock and boogie sound, and “Fool for the City” is considered one of their most successful and iconic albums.

The album features Foghat’s signature rock sound, characterized by driving guitar riffs and energetic performances. It includes tracks like the title song “Fool for the City,” “Slow Ride,” “My Babe,” and “Night Shift,” among others.

“Fool for the City” captured the band’s popularity during the 1970s and became one of their most commercially successful releases. The album showcases Foghat’s ability to blend blues influences with a rock and roll attitude.

For fans of classic rock and blues-infused rock music, “Fool for the City” is a quintessential album that highlights Foghat’s musical style and their impact on the rock music landscape of the era.

Fool For The City is a truly special album that captures the essence of Foghat and their music. It is a must-have for any fan of classic rock music.


  • Dave Peverett – lead vocals, rhythm guitar
  • Rod Price – lead and slide guitar, backing vocals
  • Craig MacGregor – bass, backing vocals
  • Roger Earl – drums, percussion

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