FRC-002: Academy, Manchester, England. 18 November 1999 – Marillion



The album captures Marillion at their best, performing songs from their then-recent album, as well as some classics from their previous albums. The setlist includes the epic “Interior Lulu”, which was only played a few times live, and the fan-favorite “House”, which features a guest appearance by former singer Fish on the phone. The band also delivers powerful renditions of “Afraid of Sunlight”, “King”, “Easter” and “Kayleigh”, among others.

The sound quality of the album is excellent, considering it was recorded from the mixing desk and not intended for official release. The band sounds tight and energetic, and Steve Hogarth’s vocals are expressive and emotive. The audience is also very enthusiastic and responsive, creating a great atmosphere.

FRC-002 is a must-have for any Marillion fan, as it showcases the band’s versatility, creativity and passion. It is also a great introduction for anyone who wants to discover one of the most influential and original progressive rock bands of all time.

The different versions published for this album :