FRC-030: PC69, Bielefeld, Germany. 20 March 1994 – Marillion



The album consists of two CDs, with the first one containing the complete performance of Brave, a concept album about a troubled girl who is found on a bridge by a stranger. The second CD features some additional encores, including some of their classic songs such as Cover My Eyes, Easter and Garden Party. The band are in good form and in a chatty mood throughout the show, interacting with the audience and sharing some stories behind the songs. The sound quality is excellent, thanks to the mastering by Roderick Brunton and the front of house engineering by Privet.

The album showcases Marillion’s musical and lyrical skills, as well as their ability to create a captivating and emotional live experience. Brave is a complex and ambitious album that explores themes such as abuse, addiction, suicide and redemption, and the band deliver it with passion and precision. The songs range from atmospheric and haunting (Bridge, The Hollow Man, Brave) to hard-rocking and energetic (Living With The Big Lie, Hard As Love, Paper Lies) to melodic and uplifting (Runaway, Made Again, The Great Escape). The additional encores are also enjoyable and demonstrate the band’s versatility and diversity.

FRC-030: PC69, Bielefeld, Germany. 20 March 1994 is a great live album for fans of Marillion and progressive rock in general. It is a rare opportunity to hear one of their most acclaimed albums performed live in its entirety, as well as some of their other popular songs. It is also a testament to the band’s talent, creativity and longevity.

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