Glory Times – Portishead



Album Glory Times by Portishead
Album Glory Times by Portishead

Glory Times is a compilation album by Portishead, released in 1995. It features remixes of songs from their debut album Dummy, as well as the theme from their short film To Kill a Dead Man. The album showcases the band’s unique blend of trip hop, jazz, and rock influences, creating a dark and atmospheric sound that has influenced many artists since. The album includes two discs, each containing five tracks. The first disc contains remixes of Sour Times, a song that samples Lalo Schifrin’s Danube Incident and expresses feelings of betrayal and despair. The second disc contains remixes of Glory Box, a song that samples Isaac Hayes’ Ike’s Rap II and explores themes of femininity and sexuality. The album also features the original version of Theme from To Kill a Dead Man, a haunting instrumental piece that accompanies the band’s experimental film noir. Glory Times is a testament to Portishead’s creativity and innovation in the music scene of the 1990s.

Glory Times is a must-have album for any fan of trip hop, experimental music, or electronic music. It is a timeless classic that continues to be enjoyed by listeners of all ages.


  • Beth Gibbons – vocals, lyrics
  • Geoff Barrow – turntables, keyboards, drums, production
  • Adrian Utley – guitars, bass, keyboards, production
  • Dave McDonald – engineer
  • Andy Smith – additional scratching
  • Clive Deamer – additional drums
  • John Baggott – additional keyboards
  • Neil Solman – additional guitar
  • Sean Atkins – photography
  • Tom Hingston Studio – design



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