Goin’ Home – Ten Years After – 1975



Album Goin’ Home by the band Ten Years After
Album Goin’ Home by the band Ten Years After

Goin’ Home is a compilation album by Ten Years After, released in 1975. It features some of their most popular songs from their first three years of activity, such as Hear Me Calling, Love Like a Man, and I’m Going Home. The album also includes a live version of Woodchopper’s Ball, recorded at the legendary Woodstock festival in 1969. Goin’ Home showcases the band’s blues rock and hard rock style, as well as the impressive guitar skills of Alvin Lee. The album was reissued for the first time on vinyl in over ten years in 2018, with a new cover and remixes.

Goin’ Home is a must-have album for any fan of blues rock, hard rock, or rock music in general. It is a timeless classic that continues to be enjoyed by listeners of all ages.


  • Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals
  • Leo Lyons – bass
  • Ric Lee – drums
  • Chick Churchill – keyboards

The different versions published for this album :