Greatest Hits – Simon & Garfunkel – 1972



Album Greatest Hits by Simon & Garfunkel
Album Greatest Hits by Simon & Garfunkel

Greatest Hits is a compilation album by Simon & Garfunkel, released in 1972, two years after they split up. The album features 14 songs, including nine singles and four live recordings. The album showcases some of their most popular and acclaimed songs, such as “The Sound of Silence”, “Bridge over Troubled Water”, “Mrs. Robinson”, and “The Boxer”. The album also includes “America”, which was released as a single several years after its appearance on the Bookends album, and “Bookends”, which is presented without its original counterpart “Old Friends”. The live recordings were taken from various concerts between 1968 and 1970, and demonstrate the duo’s vocal harmony and acoustic guitar skills. The album was a huge commercial success, selling over 14 million copies in the U.S. alone, and becoming their best-selling album in the country. It also received critical acclaim, ranking No. 293 on Rolling Stone magazine’s list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Greatest Hits is a must-have album for any fan of Simon & Garfunkel. It is a timeless collection of their most popular and enduring songs.


  • Simon & Garfunkel – vocals, acoustic guitars
  • Hal Blaine – drums, percussion
  • Joe Osborn – bass guitar
  • Larry Knechtel – keyboards, piano, organ
  • Fred Carter Jr. – electric guitar
  • Pete Drake – pedal steel guitar
  • John Simon – producer, piano, harmonium
  • Roy Halee – producer, engineer
  • Bob Johnston – producer
  • Tom Wilson – producer

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