Greatest Hits – The Nice – 1977



Album Greatest Hits by The Nice
Album Greatest Hits by The Nice

The Nice was a progressive rock band from the late 1960s that featured the keyboard virtuosity of Keith Emerson. The band released several albums, including Nice: Greatest Hits, which was a compilation of their studio and live recordings. The album showcased the band’s fusion of jazz, blues, and rock, as well as their interpretations of classical pieces and folk songs. Some of the highlights of the album were “Azrael Revisited”, a dark and dramatic original composition by Emerson and Jackson, “Hang on to a Dream”, a Tim Hardin cover that became a signature song for the band, “Diary of an Empty Day”, a lyrical adaptation of Edouard Lalo’s Symphonie Espagnole, and “Rondo ’69′”, a Brubeck-inspired instrumental that featured Emerson’s dazzling organ solos. The album also included a live version of Bob Dylan’s “She Belongs to Me”, which demonstrated the band’s improvisational skills and audience rapport. Nice: Greatest Hits was a testament to the Nice’s musical innovation and influence on the progressive rock genre.

Greatest Hits is a good compilation album for any fan of progressive rock or The Nice. It is a well-produced and well-curated album that features some of the band’s most iconic songs.



  • Keith Emerson – keyboards
  • Lee Jackson – bass, vocals
  • David O’List – guitar, trumpet (tracks: A1, B1, B2, B4)
  • Brian Davison – drums

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