Ha! – Killing Joke – 2005



Album Ha! by the band Killing Joke
Album Ha! by the band Killing Joke

Ha! is a live album by the British post-punk band Killing Joke, released in 2005. The album captures the band’s performance at the Lokerse Festival in Belgium on August 4, 2003, during their tour for their self-titled album. The album features songs from various stages of the band’s career, including classics like “Wardance”, “Requiem” and “Love Like Blood”, as well as newer tracks like “Loose Cannon”, “Seeing Red” and “The Death and Resurrection Show”. The album showcases the band’s raw energy and intensity, as well as their ability to blend industrial, metal, punk and gothic elements into a unique sound. Ha! is a must-have for fans of Killing Joke and anyone who appreciates powerful and passionate live music.

Ha! is an important album in Killing Joke’s discography. It marks a return to the band’s roots and shows that they are still capable of producing powerful, innovative albums.

The personnel of the album Ha! – Killing Joke Live, released in 2005, are:

  • Jaz Coleman – vocals, synthesizer
  • Kevin “Geordie” Walker – guitar
  • Paul Raven – bass guitar
  • Paul Ferguson – drums, vocals

This information is based on the Wikipedia article Ha (Killing Joke album).

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