Happy Hour: The Collection – The Housemartins – 2011



Album Happy Hour - The Collection by The Housemartins
Album Happy Hour - The Collection by The Housemartins

This album is a compilation of the best songs by The Housemartins, an English indie rock band that was active in the 1980s. The Housemartins were known for their catchy melodies, witty lyrics, and socialist and Christian views. They had three top-ten albums and six top-twenty singles in the UK, including their number one hit “Caravan of Love”. This collection features 18 tracks from their two studio albums, London 0 Hull 4 and The People Who Grinned Themselves to Death, as well as some rare and live recordings. It is a perfect introduction to the music of The Housemartins, who have been described as “the fourth best band in Hull”.

Despite its flaws, Happy Hour: The Collection is a decent introduction to the music of The Housemartins. It’s a shame that the album was released without the band’s permission, but it’s still a valuable resource for fans of their music.


  • **Paul Heaton** – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, melodica
  • **Norman Cook** – bass, vocals
  • **Hugh Whitaker** – drums, vocals
  • **Stan Cullimore** – guitar, vocals

Source: Wikipedia

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