Head Injuries – Midnight Oil – 1979


Album Head Injuries by Midnight Oil
Album Head Injuries by Midnight Oil

“Head Injuries” is the second studio album by the Australian rock band Midnight Oil, released in 1979. Midnight Oil is known for their socially and politically charged rock music, often addressing issues related to indigenous rights, environmental concerns, and other social justice topics.

“Head Injuries” continues to showcase Midnight Oil’s energetic and passionate musical style. The album features a mix of tracks that combine rock, punk, and new wave influences, creating a unique sound that reflects the band’s distinctive voice.

Some of the tracks on the “Head Injuries” album include:

1. “Cold Cold Change”
2. “Section 5 (Bus to Bondi)”
3. “Naked Flame”
4. “Back on the Borderline”
5. “Koala Sprint”

“Head Injuries” is an important release in Midnight Oil’s discography, marking their growth and evolution as a band. The album captures their commitment to addressing important societal issues while delivering music that’s both thought-provoking and musically engaging. If you appreciate rock music with a strong social conscience, “Head Injuries” could be a notable addition to your collection.

Head Injuries is considered to be one of Midnight Oil’s best albums. It is a well-crafted rock album with some great songs. It is a must-have for any fan of Australian rock or pub rock.

The personnel of the album Head Injuries by Midnight Oil, released in 1979, are:

  • Peter Garrett – vocals
  • Rob Hirst – drums, backing vocals
  • Andrew James – bass, backing vocals
  • Jim Moginie – guitar, keyboards
  • Martin Rotsey – guitar
  • Leszek J. Karski – producer
  • Peter J. Walker – engineer
  • Philip Morris – photography

This information is based on the Wikipedia article Head Injuries.

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