Hoodoo – Krokus – 2010


Album Hoodoo by the band Krokus
Album Hoodoo by the band Krokus

Hoodoo is the seventeenth studio album by the Swiss hard rock band Krokus, released in 2010.

The album marks the return of the original lineup of the band, featuring vocalist Marc Storace, guitarist Fernando von Arb, bassist Chris von Rohr, drummer Freddy Steady and guitarist Mark Kohler. The album was recorded at House of Music Studios in Winterbach, Germany and produced by Chris von Rohr. The album features a cover of the Steppenwolf classic “Born to Be Wild”, as well as a re-recording of the Krokus hit “Tokyo Nights”. The album received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised the band’s return to their classic sound and style. The album peaked at number one on the Swiss charts

Hoodoo is a solid hard rock album, especially for fans of Krokus and classic AC/DC. However, its derivative nature and lack of innovation might leave others wanting more. It’s a fun, nostalgic listen, but not necessarily a groundbreaking one.

The personnel of the album Hoodoo by Krokus, released in 2010, are:

  • Marc Storace – lead vocals
  • Fernando von Arb – lead and rhythm guitar, piano, bass, backing vocals
  • Mark Kohler – rhythm and lead guitar, bass
  • Chris von Rohr – bass, piano, drums, percussion, backing vocals, producer
  • Freddy Steady – drums, percussion

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