Innocent Victim – Uriah Heep – 1977


Album Innocent Victim by Uriah Heep
Album Innocent Victim by Uriah Heep

“Innocent Victim” is the 11th studio album by the British rock band Uriah Heep, released in 1977. Uriah Heep is known for their progressive rock and hard rock sound, characterized by strong melodies, powerful vocals, and intricate arrangements.

“Innocent Victim” continues to showcase Uriah Heep’s blend of rock styles, incorporating both heavy and melodic elements. The album features a mix of original tracks and covers, showcasing the band’s musical versatility.

Some of the tracks on the “Innocent Victim” album include:

1. “Keep On Ridin'”
2. “Flyin’ High”
3. “Free ‘n’ Easy”
4. “Illusion”
5. “Weep in Silence”

The album was released during a period of lineup changes for Uriah Heep, which influenced the album’s sound and direction. While “Innocent Victim” might not be as widely known as some of their earlier works, it remains a part of the band’s discography and offers fans a continuation of Uriah Heep’s progressive and hard rock style.

While not flawless, “Innocent Victim” offers enjoyable hard rock tracks and showcases the band’s talent. However, the shift towards lighter sounds and radio-friendliness might disappoint fans expecting their earlier, heavier style. The album’s reception varies, with some appreciating its accessibility and others lamenting its divergence from their classic sound.

The personnel of the album Innocent Victim by Uriah Heep, released in 1977, are:

  • Mick Box – guitars
  • Ken Hensley – keyboards, guitars, backing vocals
  • Lee Kerslake – drums, backing vocals
  • Trevor Bolder – bass, backing vocals
  • John Lawton – lead vocals

The album was produced by Gerry Bron and Ken Hensley, and engineered by Peter Gallen and Mark Dearnley. The cover artwork features the eyes of Lee Kerslake as a snake.

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