Kingdom of Desire – Toto – 1992


Album Kingdom of Desire by the band Toto
Album Kingdom of Desire by the band Toto

“Kingdom of Desire” is an album by the American rock band Toto, released in 1992. Toto is known for their blend of rock, pop, and progressive elements, as well as their skilled musicianship and hit songs.

“Kingdom of Desire” features a mix of rock and pop-oriented tracks, showcasing Toto’s versatile musical style. The album includes songs like “Don’t Chain My Heart,” “2 Hearts,” “Wings of Time,” and “She Knows the Devil,” among others.

The album marked a transition in Toto’s sound, incorporating elements of hard rock and more contemporary styles of the early 1990s. “Kingdom of Desire” captures the band’s continued commitment to musical experimentation and their ability to adapt to changing musical trends.

If you’re a fan of Toto’s music or interested in their evolving sound during the 1990s, “Kingdom of Desire” offers a glimpse into their musical direction at that time.

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  • Steve Lukather: guitar, lead vocals
  • David Paich: keyboards, backing vocals
  • Jeff Porcaro: drums, percussion
  • Mike Porcaro: bass

Source: Kingdom of Desire – Wikipedia

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