Kobaïa – Magma – 1970


Album Kobaïa by the band Magma
Album Kobaïa by the band Magma

Kobaïa is the first album by the French rock band Magma, released in 1970.

It is a concept album that tells the story of a group of humans who escape from a dying Earth and settle on a fictional planet called Kobaïa. The album introduces the Kobaïan language, a constructed language invented by the band’s leader Christian Vander. The album consists of ten tracks, each with a different musical style and mood. The album received mixed reviews from critics, but has since been recognized as an influential and original work of progressive rock and jazz fusion.

Kobaïa is an essential album for any fan of progressive rock, avant-garde music, or challenging and innovative music. It is a groundbreaking album that helped to define the sound of progressive rock.

The personnel who play in the album Kobaïa – Magma – 1970 are:

  • Christian Vander – drums, vocals
  • François Cahen – piano
  • Francis Moze – electric bass, contrabass
  • Claude Engel – guitars, flute, vocals
  • Richard Raux – alto and tenor sax, flute
  • Teddy Lasry – soprano sax, flute
  • Alain “Paco” Charlery – trumpet, percussion

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