La Vie Électronique 10 – Klaus Schulze – 2011



Album La Vie Électronique 10 by Klaus Schulze
Album La Vie Électronique 10 by Klaus Schulze

La Vie Électronique 10 is a compilation album by Klaus Schulze, a German electronic music pioneer. It was released in 2011 and contains recordings from 1985 and 1991. The album features three main sections: Unheilbar Deutsch, Walk The Edge, and Havlandet. Each section showcases Schulze’s mastery of synthesizers, sequencers, and ambient soundscapes.

Unheilbar Deutsch (Incurably German) is a live concert recorded in Berlin in 1985, with Rainer Bloss on second keyboard. It consists of ten tracks that explore themes of German identity, history, and culture, with titles such as Treudeutsch (True German), Der Unverbesserliche (The Incorrigible), and Marsch (Es Regnet Deppen) (March (It Rains Idiots)). The music is rhythmic, melodic, and sometimes humorous.

Walk The Edge is a soundtrack for a film of the same name, directed by Norbert Meisel and starring Nancy Kwan and Robert Forster. It was also recorded in 1985, with the help of Rainer Bloss. It consists of six tracks that create a tense and mysterious atmosphere for the thriller set in Los Angeles. The music is dark, atmospheric, and cinematic.

Havlandet (The Sea Country) is another soundtrack, this time for a Norwegian TV series directed by Svein Scharffenberg. It was recorded in 1985 and 1991, with additional keyboards by Rainer Bloss. It consists of ten tracks that evoke the Nordic landscape, culture, and mythology, with titles such as Nordenlicht (Northern Light), Winter-Sommer (Winter-Summer), and Sleigh-Ride (Sleigh-Ride). The music is ethereal, dreamy, and orchestral.

La Vie Électronique 10 is a diverse and fascinating collection of Klaus Schulze’s works from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. It showcases his versatility, creativity, and innovation as one of the pioneers of electronic music.


  • Klaus Schulze – synthesizers, keyboards, sequencers, drums, percussion, guitar, vocals
  • Arthur Brown – vocals on “The Mask”
  • Wolfgang Tiepold – cello on “Zeitgeist”
  • Georg Stettner – bass guitar on “Zeitgeist”
  • Michael Shrieve – drums on “Transfer Station Blue”

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