Legends – Joe Cocker – 1992



Album Legends by Joe Cocker
Album Legends by Joe Cocker

“Legends” is a compilation album by English rock and blues singer Joe Cocker. It was released in 1992 and features a collection of some of Cocker’s most beloved songs from his extensive career.

Joe Cocker is known for his soulful and gritty vocal style, as well as his powerful interpretations of popular songs. “Legends” brings together many of his signature tracks, including his iconic cover of The Beatles’ “With a Little Help from My Friends,” which gained him widespread recognition and became one of his biggest hits. The album also includes other notable tracks like “You Are So Beautiful,” “Feelin’ Alright,” and “Up Where We Belong,” a duet with Jennifer Warnes that won them a Grammy Award.

“Legends” provides a solid overview of Joe Cocker’s career, showcasing his soulful voice, passionate delivery, and ability to infuse his own unique style into various genres, including rock, blues, and soul. The album captures the essence of Cocker’s musical artistry and his ability to connect with listeners on an emotional level.

For both longtime fans and newcomers to Joe Cocker’s music, “Legends” offers a well-curated selection of his most memorable songs. It serves as a testament to his talent as a vocalist and his ability to deliver heartfelt and captivating performances.

If you appreciate soulful and emotionally charged rock and blues music, “Legends” by Joe Cocker is a recommended album to explore. It provides a wonderful introduction to his music and showcases why he is regarded as one of the greatest vocalists in the history of popular music.


Legends – Joe Cocker – 1992 is a great collection of Joe Cocker’s hits. It is a good introduction to his music for new listeners and a great addition to the collections of fans of his work.

The personnel of the album Legends by Joe Cocker, released in 1992 by Polygram TV, are as follows:

  • Joe Cocker – vocals
  • Jennifer Warnes – vocals on “Up Where We Belong”
  • Various musicians and producers, depending on the track

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