Let It Rock – Alvin Lee – 1978


Album Let It Rock by Alvin Lee
Album Let It Rock by Alvin Lee

Let It Rock is the seventh solo album by British guitarist and singer Alvin Lee, released in 1978 by Chrysalis Records. The album features a mix of hard rock, blues rock and funk rock styles, showcasing Lee’s versatile guitar playing and soulful vocals. The album includes some guest appearances by Steve Winwood, Ronnie Wood and Tim Hinkley. Some of the songs on Let It Rock were inspired by Lee’s personal experiences, such as “Chemicals, Chemistry, Mystery & More”, which reflects his interest in alternative medicine, and “Little Boy”, which is a tribute to his son. The album also contains some covers of classic rock and roll songs, such as “Let It Rock” by Chuck Berry and “Jenny Jenny” by Little Richard. Let It Rock received positive reviews from critics and fans, who praised Lee’s musicianship and energy. The album reached number 24 on the UK Albums Chart and number 87 on the US Billboard 200.

Let It Rock is a solid album from Alvin Lee, with a few standout tracks. It is a must-have for any fan of Lee’s music.


The personnel of the album Let It Rock by Alvin Lee, released in 1978, are:

  • Alvin Lee – guitar, vocals, lyrics, music, producer
  • Alan Spenner – bass
  • John Sussewell – drums
  • Zoot Money – piano
  • Dyan Birch – backing vocals
  • Frank Collins – backing vocals
  • Paddie McHugh – backing vocals
  • Mick Glossop – engineer
  • John Sims – cover design

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